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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Great Nigeria Insurance Plc is made up of distinguished personalities that have made their mark in their respective fields of endeavor:


    Archbishop Job is a globally respected and loved clergy. In the Nigeria’s catholic and public circles, he is also known and accepted as a towering figure of respect, mediation and helper of the downtrodden. Since his retirement in 2013, he has been elevated to the status of Archbishop Emeritus’.

    Archbishop Job was ordained as a priest in 1966. Five years later in 1971, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Ibadan and within the same period appointed the Titular Bishop of Abthugni.

    In 1974, the young Alaba Job was appointed Bishop of Ibadan and twenty years later in 1994, he was appointed the Archbishop of Ibadan. By the time of his retirement in 2013, he was already the Chairman of the Conference of the Catholic Bishop of Nigeria, a decision making and respected gathering of Catholic clergies. Archbishop Alaba Job is a widely travelled clergy who brings his diverse experience to the board of Great Nigeria Insurance Plc.



Great Nigeria Insurance Plc has continuously arranged very adequate reassurance treaties with a consortium of reputable reassurance companies both locally and internationally providing us with the required capacity to underwrite risks placed with us.

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